Package EASY

Manual ad placement at EASY package provides:

  • Posting your classified ads over 100 free sites
  • The cost of one placement - 200uah. or 590 uah for 3 times
  • The term of execution at EASY - 1-2 days.
  • The ability to place photos
  • Report in Excel file
  • Press button "Buy" to create an order fo manual ad post

Details: ads placement in this package is the easiest of the presented to your attention. Its performance is done entirely by us within 1 day from the date of payment (230 UAH) or 660 uah for 3 times. The customer will be given a report in xls file. You only do not need to activate links to display your ads. If you have 1-3 photos to the announcement, we will post them on all boards allow photos.